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 Insurance Billing
Patient Billing
Diagnosis and Procedural Coding
Production & Statistical Reporting 

 Our Billing Division  specializes in insurance and patient billing for medical offices.   Billing your claim and collecting your payment is our priority. We are  equipped to provide the complete solution to managing the financial side  of medicine.  Access to your data is available via a secure, HIPAA  compliant connection to our server allowing you to utilize our software  for appointment scheduling and hands-on access to patient balances and  billing information.       

Our Billing staff  works closely with your reception staff to ensure that all necessary  billing information is obtained, appropriate copayments are collected at  the time of service and precertification requirements are satisfied. Daily production information is communicated with our billing office. Our  qualified staff will bill the insurance company and/or responsible  party according to any contractual agreements in place with insurance  carriers. Our billing service includes insurance claim follow-up and basic patient collection routines. More  intensive patient collection efforts are tailored to the physician’s  preference so as not to disrupt the physician/patient relationship, and  may involve the use of a collection agency.  

While we are equipped to provide the complete solution to managing the  financial side of medicine, our services can be tailored to fit your  specific needs.



Accounts Payable
Invoicing and Accounts Receivable Management
Bank Reconciliation
Financial Statements and Reporting

  Our Bookkeeping Division  specializes in payroll, accounts payable, invoicing, accounts  receivable management and financial reporting for many types of  business, including restaurants, retail stores, rental  property companies, medical practices and professional service  companies.   Our knowledge, experience, and accuracy is demonstrated by  the quality and concise information we provide to your CPA. We relieve clients of the tedious and technical bookkeeping functions allowing them to concentrate on their business.  Accurate  and comprehensive financial recordkeeping is vitally important to a  company’s success and we are 100% dedicated to those efforts.

Our Bookkeeping staff works closely with your accountant to implement their recommendations. We manage accounts payable to ensure bills are paid timely and handle all aspects of payroll management. This includes processing payroll checks, tax remittances, quarterly and year-end payroll tax returns. In  addition to reconciling your bank statement, we can provide you with  monthly reports to help you assess your financial position, such as a  Balance Sheet showing assets,  liabilities and equity, Income Statements that reflect the business net  profit, and allocation reports that help disseminate profit to  partners. We can assist you in developing and utilizing a budget to manage expenses and plan future growth.  


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