QuickBooks Training and Consulting Services

We  provide training and consulting services to offices who utilize  QuickBooks within their office to ensure bookkeeping functions are  properly handled.  We work with management and staff to put policies and  procedures in place to streamline the tasks involved in payroll,  accounts payable, invoicing, bank reconciliations, etc. 

       Medisoft and Office Hours Training and Consulting Services
 We provide training and consulting services to medical offices who utilize Medisoft and/or Office Hours within 
        their office.  Our training team will keep you abreast of new  features of the program and help to ensure the office staff is using  the 
        program fully and efficiently.  We find that periodic  "check-ups" with office staff prove beneficial and can help identify  issues

      Credentialing Services for Medical Providers 

We  assist medical providers with initial and on-going credential services  to ensure contracts and licenses are kept in good-standing to prevent  interruption in revenue streams.

Fee Schedule Evaluation
Services  are available to assist medical providers in evaluating their fee  schedules to identify areas where contract negotiation with insurance  carriers are warranted.  We utilize historical usage date of the CPT  codes billed by the provider to ensure the most commonly used codes are  carefully reviewed and perform weighted analysis reviews to help  maximize revenue streams.  

CPT and ICD Coding Reviews
Our  certified procedural coder (CPC) can conduct coding audits and medical  record reviews to help ensure you remain in compliance with insurance  carrier guidelines and are billing for all services performed.  Payable  services can easily go unbilled or under-billed if a service performed  is not properly coded, or if a procedure is not submitted with the  correct supporting diagnosis.   Our extensive review of your billing  procedures and supporting medical records is geared to find uncaptured  charges and to improve billing procedures to maximize income while  keeping you in compliance with coding guidelines.